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  • Meet at 4 p.m. tomorrow at church to load gear
  • Departure to camp will be at 10 a.m. Sunday. Please arrive between 9:30 a.m. and 9:45 a.m. Class A uniform to be worn and please have some cash with you for a lunch stop. Also, please be sure to have a COVID appropriate face mask with you as well upon departure.
  • With regards to face masks, the camp still requires them to be worn in the dining hall, trading post and activity building. Please make sure you have an ample supply with you to change out during the week. The camp nor troop has the supplies available to provide you with one.
  • Most important, HAVE A GREAT WEEK!

Summer Camp Departure Information

The troop will depart from HUMC on Sunday, June 20th at 10 a.m. The troop will most likely stop for a lunch break on the road, so please have some cash available with you. Class A uniform to be worn.

NOTE – Outdoor church services will be in session at that time and we will not have access to the lot near Hammill Hall. Please meet in the parking lot located near the graveyard and not where the trailer is usually stored.

Summer Camp

Just a reminder that we are meeting Saturday, June 19th from 4 to 5 p.m. only so that all those attending summer camp can have their gear loaded. Please meet at the trailer. We will advise at that time when to meet on Sunday morning for departure. Please bring everything except your personal day pack and Class A uniform, which needs to be worn traveling to camp. NOTE – The troop may stop for an early lunch on the way. Please have cash available on you for your meal on the road.

Parents also need to sign a COVID release form for their scout as well. We will have the forms available Saturday.


Sorry to advise at this late date, however we are needing to postpone the Carowinds trip originally planned for tomorrow, June 12th. All scouts originally registered for the trip are asked to still complete their engineering merit badge workbook and scan to when you can.

Save the date for our whitewater rafting trip, tentatively scheduled for August 27-29, details to come. To attend, each participant must pass the BSA swim test given at summer camp or other BSA training at Belk Scout Camp.

Summer Camp Gear Loading Time/Date

For those attending summer camp, we will be loading all personal gear on Saturday, June 19th from 4 to 5 p.m. only.

Please meet to the left of Hammill Hall where the trailers are stored. At least one parent or guardian is asked to attend that evening as we have camp COVID forms that need to be signed. Bring all gear to be loaded with the exception of your personal daypack, if any, and of course your Class A uniform which must be worn on the way to camp.

It was previously mentioned that we would be doing the camp swim test prior to leaving for camp. That plan has changed, and swim tests will now be conducted upon arrival at camp.

Please reach out to troop leadership with any questions or concerns. Thank you!


Our apologies on constant emails, however summer camp and our high adventure trip are coming up soon, and we are still missing medical forms for adults and scouts. All adults and scouts still in need of submitting forms have been contacted privately, however for clarification we are posting instructions for all..

BSA National guidelines require a full medical form completed for all adults and scouts attending a trip over 72 hours (for which camp and HA trip qualify). The following is needed:

PARTS A, B AND C OF THE MEDICAL FORM– parts A & B completed by adult or parent, part C MUST be completed by your physician. You can also do a CVS minute clinic type exam for requirement C as well – note however there is a cost associated with this from CVS, usually around $55 or so. Appointments there may be required, so please check with your local CVS location.

COPY OF IMMUNIZATION RECORD – Please attach most recent copy if you have available. If not, part B will have a space for you to list your immunizations

INSURANCE CARD – Please attach most recent copy of your insurance card – front and back

Once completed, you can scan all copies to Bala Rayapalli at Please make arrangements for him to receive rthe originals as well. Please reach out to Bala with any concerns.

Summer camp will require the medical forms to be reviewed against our roster upon check-in. Please make every effort to have this completed as soon as possible. Thank you!*MTYyMzE2NDU2Ni41LjAuMTYyMzE2NDU2Ni42MA..

Medical Forms

Sorry for the repetitive emails regarding medical forms, however the time is closing in on summer camp and our high adventure trip and we have several scouts and adults with no medical form submitted. All adults and scouts attending either trip need to have a full medical form completed with Doctor approval (Parts A, B and C), immunization record (if available) and front and back copies of your insurance card attached as well. You can scan and email all parts to Bala at, or email him as well with any questions, or arrange a time to drop off to him. Note that we cannot accept the forms on the morning of departurte of your trip.

BSA guidelines strictly prohibit attendance at either summer camp or the high adventure trip without these forms submitted. NOTE – Adults or scouts not submitting completed forms will not be allowed to attend camp, and unfortunately no refunds will be given if this occurs. Please make every effort to complete all items needed as a priority.

Forms can be downloaded here:


Summer Camp Transportation Update

Thank you parents for the quick response to our transporation request! Along with the two leaders going, the following parents have offered to provide transportation:

Pradeep Sundriyal – drop off on Sunday and also pick up Saturday as well

Mariana Garcia – drop off Saturday

Deanna Derrick – pick up Sunday

Thank you parents!!

Summer Camp Transportation

We are in need of 2 additional cars to drive scouts to camp, and two addtional cars for pick up at camp the following Saturday. Departure would be Sunday. June 20th, departure time TBD but most likely around 10 a.m., and pick up Saturday June 26th, again time TBD but somewhere in early to mid morning depending upon our assigned release time.

Camp Old Indian is approximately a 2 hour ride. If you are willing to help, please email Cindy at and advise which run you would like to assist with, drop off or pick up. You do not need to worry about transporting gear as all will be sent with our troop trailer.

Thank you!!!!

Summer Camp Dietary Restrictions

If any adult or scout attending summer camp has a dietary restriction (gluten-free, vegetarian, etc) please email Cindy at so that the dining hall manager can be advised and have appropriately prepared meals for you.

Please email prior to Friday, May 28th, thank you.

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