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Category: Troop News

Sept 20th meeting reminders

Reminder for tonight’s meeting

• Wear hiking boots. 

• Bring your blue cards from Old Indian summer camp.

• Unsew and return your old leadership position uniform patches to the troop

.•  Bring old patrol leader books.

•  Bring loaded backpack & 10 Scout Essentials.

Come a few minutes early if you can.

Parents: If you can stay at the meeting, please bring a bathroom scale. This will assist us in getting the packs weighed.

Monday, Sept 20th Meeting Plan

Troop will be participating in a hiking exercise this Monday during the regular meeting, so every scout MUST wear boots & BRING YOUR BACKPACK fully packed for a normal weekend camping trip.

Bring fuel & backpacking stove and lightweight laced shoes if you have

Gear in Backpack must include Scout TEN Basic Essentials pg. 268 (bring to
all outdoor scout events).

1.       Pocket Knife (or multitool)
2.       Personal First-Aid Kit pg. 108 (latex free in ZipLoc)

☐ Band Aids

☐ 3” x 3” gauze pads

☐ sterile elastic bandage or adhesive tape (sm. roll)

☐ 3” x 6” moleskin

☐ Alcohol sanitizer gel (or Cleanup Kit soap) (tiny size)

☐ Antibiotic ointment & hydrocortisone (mini tubes
cks> )

☐ Scissors & Tweezers (can be in knife)

☐ Disposable gloves

☐ CPR breathing barrier

☐ Pencil/pen & notebook or paper

3.       Extra Clothing (see basic clothing)
4.       Rain Gear (such as pack cover, hat, pants, jacket w/zipper pits)
5.       Water Bottle
6.       Headlamp / LED light
7.       Trail Food
8.       Matches & Fire Starter
9.       Sun Protection (SPF30+ clothes, sunscreen, UV glasses)
10.   Map & Compass


☐ Scouts BSA Handbook

☐ Basic Clothing: (Class A uniform all travel. Class B in camp)

poly underwear (1 ea. day), LtWt wool base layer top & pants (if winter)

pair sock liners, pair wool hiking socks (wt. per season)

Zip-off scout pants & nylon shorts

Shirts (SS synth), Long Sleeve Shirt (nylon, SPF 30+)

Hiking boots (match to trail), closed toe camp/water shoe

☐ Sleeping: groundcloth, pad, pillow, bag (degree° by season)

☐ Eating Kit: bowl/plate, cup, utensil(s)

☐ Cleanup kit: soap, deodorant bar, comb, camp towel(s), Chapstick, razor,
Tooth brush, paste & floss


☐ Insect repellent

☐ Camp Chair

☐ Camera

☐ Watch

☐ Swim shorts, lined

☐ Fishing pole & gear

☐ Hammock or Bivy (only if 1st class rank or above)

☐ Clothing: Extra & Colder Weather

2nd base layer top & pants heavy wool

Wool gloves or mittens, handwarmers

Skull cap (cover ears)

Fleece jacket (light to heavy/polar per season)

☐ Meds, Benadryl, Advil, Tylenol, Claritin, Pepto

☐ Bible, testament, or prayer book per your faith



9/24-26/2021, BackPacking Trip Update: Due to hurricane cleanup work, USFS
has closed some Pisgah Forest roads and trails.  We will camp at Lake
Powhatan, NC Friday and Saturday, see Cradle of Forestry and hike some
Pisgah area waterfalls and summits.

10/25/2021 Court of Honor – If you earned Merit Badges at summer camp, you
must present your BLUE CARD to Mr Fisher, Mrs Schnall or Mr Rayapalli at a
meeting for completion and sign-offs. Blue cards (in a ziploc bag) were given to all scouts at camp

11/27/2021, (NOTE THIS IS THANKSGIVING WEEKEND) time TBD Troop Service Project: Operation Christmas Child
<> .
Troop will serve at the Charlotte Distribution Center sorting boxes. Due to popularity of
event, only pre-registered volunteers may participate.  All Scouts and their
families welcome and encouraged to attend. RSVP # of persons by Deadline of

1/14-17/2022 Ski Trip – hold the date more details to follow.

6/26-7/2/2022 Summer Camp 2022 Spots are filling up. For us to register our
scouts, we require two adults at camp at all times. So far, ONE adult has
volunteered for a half week. Please be another of the adults that makes
summer camp possible this year.

RSVP to <>  or signup Mondays.

Summer Camp June 26-July 2, 2022

Adult Leaders needed for Summer Camp at Camp Powhatan June 26 – July 2, 2022.

Nine scouts (Bao, Ashruth, Soham, Anoop, Yasindu, Januda, John , Miles) are signed up for 2022 summer camp.

To reserve Troop 502’s week at camp, we need to name at least two adult leader volunteers.

This is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy nature – and to complete adult training.

Adults please email to confirm your half-week or full week shift ASAP.

Scouts not on list please email if you also want to attend.

September Backpacking & Cradle of Forestry Trip

Depart church Friday Sept 24th at 5 p.m.

Returns Sunday Sept, 26th at 4 p.m.


This intermediate backpacking trip to Western North Carolina’s Pisgah National Forest will include around 12 miles of hiking, several waterfalls and a couple 3,200+ft climbs. It is ideal for scouts who are reasonably fit and have some previous camping or backpacking experience.

Friday night the Troop is dispersed camping along John Rock Trail woodlands.  No campfires or bathrooms.

Saturday we’ll drive and do short hikes to Looking Glass Falls and possibly Moore Cove Falls on our way to Cradle of Forestry in America, a 6,500-acre Historic Site which commemorates the beginning of forestry conservation in the United States.  Because Saturday is National Public Lands Day, there is no admission fee, and guided tours and interpretive trails are free. The Troop may have opportunity to participate in a short service project.  

Sunday, depending on stamina of our group, we will hike part or all of riverside loop trail Daniel Ridge Falls, a 3,450ft summit and enjoy the 150-foot cascade before returning home.

We hike rain or shine!  While it is incredibly rewarding, backpacking is an endurance sport which can be challenging and/or uncomfortable at times. Maintaining a positive mindset, even when it is uncomfortable, is key to enjoying your time in the wilderness. 


You only need Class A for travel, Class B shirt and zip-offs for hiking, one warm base-layer, one outfit to sleep in and a few pairs of underwear. Lightweight wool hiking socks with thin poly sock liners will prevent blisters. Generally, comfortable trail shoes will be better than heavy hiking boots. You will not need a new set of clean clothes each day. Don’t bring cotton anything – it is heavy, will not keep you warm and can trap unwanted moisture against your skin.


This trip focus is on minimizing gear and backpack weight. The Scout 10 Basic Essentials (Handbook pg. 268) is required on all outdoor scout events; challenge yourself to reduce your scout essentials to the least possible weight. Can you get it down to 3lbs?

Also minimize weight of your sleeping gear and eating kit. Bring a lightweight backpack stove if you have one. All you need in your cleanup kit is toothbrush and paste. Avoid scented products.


Arrive at Harrison Church for weigh-ins with your pack at 25-30% of your body weight and 25lbs maximum.

Don’t be one of those scouts who has to unpack in the church parking lot to dump excess weight and gear back in your parents’ car.

Bring only what you absolutely need. Weigh your backpack at home.  Please don’t delay our departure.









Scouts not on list please email if you also want to attend.


Mr Fisher

Scout Dues Fundraising Opportunity

The second portion of our scout dues will be billed within the comings weeks ($190). If you recall, the first portion of the dues (the council recharter fee) has already been paid by scouts earlier this year.

To help offset any upcoming dues obligations, we are again offering sale of the Attractions Coupon Book. Books are $20 each, with a minimum of $8 for every book sold. The more books we sell as a troop, the more $$ you receive for each book. Profits are applied directly to your scout dues obligation.

For those new to our troop, here is how the program works:

Attractions Books are local coupon books, typically with BOGO offers for restaurants, fast food and activities. We have found that use of the book two or three times usually covers the initial $20 cost of the book. Scouts pre-order the amount of books they will like to sell. They can sell to family, friends, neighbors, etc. After about a month’s time, money is handed in for books sold, and unsold books can be turned in as well. You make the profits for your salesmanship, meaning, if you sell 10 books and receive $8 each, that’s $80 applied to your dues obligation. You work directly for yourself, as this is an individual fundraiser you do not split the profit of all books sold as a troop.

We highly encourage all scouts to try and sell at least 5 books, however this is an optional opportunity. We will be pre-ordering books only. If you want to participate in the fundraiser, please email Cindy at and advise how many books you would like. Remember, if you do not sell all that you asked for you may return unsold books.

Please reach out to Cindy with any questions or concerns.

Community Service Opportunity

The Beds Equal Dreams ministry provides beds and bedding to children in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in North Carolina and in Lancaster County Schools in South Carolina. 

These children do not have a bed to call their own; many are homeless or in transitional housing.

The 2021 Build a Bed event will be at Harrison Church on Saturday, September 25th.

While Build A Bed will not be an official troop service project, individual scouts are encouraged to attend and wear Class B (you will get service hours).

Two shifts are available (9:00 to 11:30 and 11:45 to 1:30) with a goal of finishing 25-30 bed frames.

Due to the popularity of this event interested scouts MUST sign up to participate.

Please contact for signup information.

Flag Retirement Ceremony 9/11

A reminder that the troop will be meeting Saturday, Sept 11th at 6:30 p.m. (scouts please gather at 6 p.m. to help prepare) to properly retire used and worn flags as well as pay respects in honor of those who perished during the Sept 11th attacks. We encourage you to invite family and friends to attend, and you are welcome to bring any worn flags that you need to dispose of.

We will meet in front of Hammill Hall in the parking lot. Please bring a camp chair.

Summer Camp 2022

Reservations have been made for summer camp, 2022. The troop will be attending Camp Powhatan located in Hiwassee, Virginia from June 26-July 2. Cost for the week is $345.00 for youth and $185.00 for adults.

Sign-ups for camp will be taken starting Monday, September 13th. If you will be attending camp, please see Miles to register. A $100 deposit for all scouts attending is due by October 1st to secure your spot. The balance will be billed in increments to you. NOTE – any balance not paid in full by April 20th will incur an additional fee of $25. This fee is imposed by the camp, not the troop.

Our troop has visited Camp Powhatan in the past and have found that they offer a wide range of merit badges as well as watersports and high adventure opportunities. The camp is approximately 2 1/2 hours from Charlotte.

We need at least 2 adults to attend with the troop. You can split the time with another adult if needed, so long as we have 2 on site at all times during the week. If you can help, please email Mr. Fisher at

Flag Retirement Ceremony 9/11

Boy Scouts of America is one of the very few organizations that has an official code for flag retirement.

At 6:30pm this Saturday, September 11, Troop 502 will be following this code in conducting a ceremony to retire national flags that are worn beyond repair. Scouts please arrive at 6 p.m. to help prepare – meet in the parking lot in front of Hammill Hall.

All scouts are encouraged to participate and reflect on the meaning of America’s flag as a great symbol of freedom.

As the Boy Scout Handbook explains, “As the symbol of America, it stands for the past, present, and future of our country. It represents our people, our land, and our many ways of life.”

Family and friends welcome and encouraged to attend.

Please bring camp chairs.

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