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How to get a Merit Badge

Merit Badges are easy to earn. We do some as a group in Troop 502, as a patrol, or at summer camp, but scouts can also earn Merit Badges on their own. All you have to do is:

  1. choose a merit badge you want to earn
  2. complete and email your blue card to your Scoutmaster at who will sign and approve your card and help you find a counselor if you don’t have one.

NOTE – You may not start or complete a merit badge until approved to begin by a leader. You must work with a counselor approved for training with that merit badge.

BSA Mecklenburg County Council lists several merit badge opportunities. Check back frequently as these are updated regularly.

Bryan on Scouting lists 58 badges Scouts can complete at home

Daniel Boone Council offers several virtual Merit Badges

Virtual/Online Merit Badge Listings is a great site with a big list of Eagle Required Badges and Elective MBs you can earn. There are also Self-Paced Programs, Virtual Counselors, and Other Resources.  You have to click the links to find the low-cost and free programs. While some of the below programs charge a fee, if you follow the above 1 & 2 you can complete Merit Badges in person for no charge.

ScoutSmarts has some good Merit Badge Guides including The 3 Easiest Merit Badges That You Can Earn in 2021

An online search for “BSA merit badges online” or “BSA Merit Badge Carolina 2023” or “BSA Merit Badge College 2024” also give good results.

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