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Rank Advancement and Merit Badges while on hiatus

Rank Advancement:

502 Scouts are earning ranks!  All you have to do is to learn a skill or
complete a requirement, ask for an online video conference and demonstrate
it.  Or you can send an email proof of completion.  Ask your ASPL or SPL for

Your ASPL or SPL can verify if you are ready for a Scoutmaster Conference
and get that scheduled for you too!

Merit Badges and Nova Awards:

Since Summer camp has been cancelled, many of you will want to find other
places to earn merit badges this summer.

Here is the official link with info about
adges> HOW to earn a Merit Badge

There are some Merit Badges currently underway at Troop 502. Contact your
ASPL or SPL for details.

<> Here are some local 2020
Merit Badge Classes and this website has
<> Upcoming Merit Badge courses in
the Apache District ALSO click link to “where to go advancing”.

IF you do an online search for “online merit badge classes 2020”, there are
opportunities in Florida, Virginia, Georgia, etc.

The Piedmont Council website is offering Online Merit Badges and Nova
Awards May 18, 2020 to May 21 and May 26, 2020 to May 29 Sign up at


Do you swim?  You can earn Swimming
‘> , LIfesaving
> , and Kayaking
>  at the Aquatics Merit Badge Days at Belk Scout Camp August 3,4,5,&6.  If
you are on a swim team, your swim coach or a lifeguard can sign you off too.

BSA Lifeguard

At one time, Troop 502 had FOUR BSA Lifeguards and we were able to do LOTS
of water trips.

If you are 15 or older, we need YOU to PLEASE get trained as a BSA
lifeguard! Here are some opportunities. Charlotte Safety Training
>  and Red
BSA Lifeguard Award

Look for Troop 502 calendar updates about PLCs, Leadership Training and
Grand Tetons High Adventure 2021 planning meetings

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