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Camporee Information – Important!

Troop 502 is going to Camporee!  Please see notes below.  The troop will depart PROMPTLY at 5:15 p.m. tomorrow.  Please eat dinner before you arrive as we will not be stopping on the road for a meal.  Make sure you have $$ for lunch on the way home Sunday.  


READ: be very familiar with Itinerary and event printout handed out at last meeting. It is also attached.

WHIP: ends of all ropes tightly BEFORE arriving at Harrison Scouts. Thin black cord and ropes were issued at last meeting.

WATCH: the videos at

CHOOSE: a camp gateway and three camp gadgets and bring printouts so you can lead the group build. This is an excellent site:

LAUGH: every scout must come prepared to lead a skit. (Google “scout skit” for idea websites).  Bring  a few printouts of your skit for other scouts to use during rehearsal



Friday Eat dinner at home; come full when you arrive at Harrison.

Saturday: Meal plans must be submitted by email to Mr. Reeves and Mr. Fisher today 10/24/19. Budget is $5 per person per meal. Bring receipts for reimbursement.

·                     Joel, Miles, Branden doing Cooking MB #6 EACH bringing BIG HOT breakfast and hiking/trail type lunch and snacks for themselves and two others.

·                     Ryan is providing a BIG HOT breakfast for the 502 webelos sharing Campsite 12

·                     Austin, Harrison & John are bringing and cooking dinner.

Sunday: light Breakfast snacks will be provided by the adult leaders. Troop will eat out on the way back to Charlotte, so bring cash.



Troop travels in Class ’A’ uniforms and wears at evening meal, campfire, Sunday religious service and Camporee award ceremony.

Leave: 10/25/19 Friday 5:15pm Harrison UMC trailer parking lot

Return: 10/27/19 Sunday mid-day after the interfaith service and breakfast on the road. Scouts call or text arrival time as troop is on the way to Charlotte.

Location: Campsite 12, Camp Grimes, 383 Vein Mountain Rd, Nebo, NC 28761



Your TIGHTLY whipped ropes.

Dryer lint sealed in a ziplock baggie.

A pocket knife and your totin’ chip.

ONLY if you have one at home already, bring a personal one burner camp stove and gas canister.


Weather is 50’s and 60’s and rainy all weekend. Use backpacking checklist on Troop 502 website under Troop resources and plan accordingly

Recommend minimums:

Tent or hammock if 1st class rank or above

40 degree sleeping bag, pillow, pad, PJ’s & warm socks

Headlamp / flashlight



Mess kit

Personal toiletries and gear

Smartwool or other warm flexible underlayer

Warm non-cotton clothes that can be layered

Light fleece or medium jacket that allows running, pulling, lifting etc.

Day pack with rain cover.

Raincoat / FrogTogs

Warmer rain hat if your hoodie isn’t waterproof.

Several changes of dry socks

Hiking boots orTrail shoes and warm change of camp shoes

Thin gloves that keep hands dry and can be used when tying knots.




Joel D

Gabe B

Ryan P

John S

Miles D

Austin E

Jathin B

Harrison S

Braeden H

Varshi R



Mr. Fisher 704-617-3544

Mr. Powers

Mr. Schneider



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