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March 17-18 cooking, camping & hiking event

March 17-18, 2023 will be a joint pack & troop one-night camping, cooking, and hiking event to allow Cub Scouts, especially AOLs, to complete Adventures required for their rank.

Scouts who are going on the Grandfather Mountain primitive camping trip in May or the Colorado High Adventure trip July should consider this a mandatory trip.



THIS MONDAY 3/13/23 Troop Scouts should bring their fully loaded backpacks with their Personal Camping Gear & Scout 10 Basic Essentials.

THIS MONDAY 3/13/23 Troop scouts who need cooking signoffs for rank advancement or cooking merit badge must bring recipes menus for a Friday dinner, a Saturday breakfast and a non-perishable Saturday backpacking lunch with a budget of $5 per meal. Meals must meet MyPlate guidelines, meaning that the total of all three meals should contain 2.5 cups veggies, 2 cups fruit, 6 oz of grains including 3 oz of whole grains, 5.5 oz protein and 3 cups dairy per person per day. Recipes should have at least 6 ingredients. Lots of good menu ideas are at


Friday 3/17, 5 p.m. at Harrison Church at and camp at Mc Dowell Nature Preserve at Drive-in Sites 2,4,6,8.


The patrols will do a 5+ mile hike with full packs around the McDowell nature preserve perimeter trails e.g. Kingfisher, Cove Trail, Four Seasons, Creekside Cedar Ridge, Pine Hollow, Sierra, Little Meadow and Chestnut. Trail route & distances are on the McDowell Nature Preserve Map


Saturday 3/18 Troop will return to Harrison Church after completing the hike and lunch, which should be by about 3:30pm.

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