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Eagle Required Merit Badge Clinic

For those interested, there will be a merit badge clinic on Saturday, June 11th, at Myers Park Presbyterian Church. There will be an offering of eight merit badge classes taught by a team of adult leaders, including a fire department captain and a professor of engineering. This is an individual opportunity, not a troop event. If you wish to attend, there is a registration link provided. You must register on your own as well as provide transportation to and from the class. The class fee is $20 with no lunch provided (bring your own) or $30 with pizza, drink and dessert. When registering, please check that there are no pre-requisites needed for your class. If you are attending and need a blue card, please see an adult leader at any upcoming meeting.

Classes offered are:


Citizenship in the Community

Citizenship in the Nation

Citizenship in the World

Emergency Preparedness



Scholarship/Reading (joint class)


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