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Monday, Sept 20th Meeting Plan

Troop will be participating in a hiking exercise this Monday during the regular meeting, so every scout MUST wear boots & BRING YOUR BACKPACK fully packed for a normal weekend camping trip.

Bring fuel & backpacking stove and lightweight laced shoes if you have

Gear in Backpack must include Scout TEN Basic Essentials pg. 268 (bring to
all outdoor scout events).

1.       Pocket Knife (or multitool)
2.       Personal First-Aid Kit pg. 108 (latex free in ZipLoc)

☐ Band Aids

☐ 3” x 3” gauze pads

☐ sterile elastic bandage or adhesive tape (sm. roll)

☐ 3” x 6” moleskin

☐ Alcohol sanitizer gel (or Cleanup Kit soap) (tiny size)

☐ Antibiotic ointment & hydrocortisone (mini tubes
cks> )

☐ Scissors & Tweezers (can be in knife)

☐ Disposable gloves

☐ CPR breathing barrier

☐ Pencil/pen & notebook or paper

3.       Extra Clothing (see basic clothing)
4.       Rain Gear (such as pack cover, hat, pants, jacket w/zipper pits)
5.       Water Bottle
6.       Headlamp / LED light
7.       Trail Food
8.       Matches & Fire Starter
9.       Sun Protection (SPF30+ clothes, sunscreen, UV glasses)
10.   Map & Compass


☐ Scouts BSA Handbook

☐ Basic Clothing: (Class A uniform all travel. Class B in camp)

poly underwear (1 ea. day), LtWt wool base layer top & pants (if winter)

pair sock liners, pair wool hiking socks (wt. per season)

Zip-off scout pants & nylon shorts

Shirts (SS synth), Long Sleeve Shirt (nylon, SPF 30+)

Hiking boots (match to trail), closed toe camp/water shoe

☐ Sleeping: groundcloth, pad, pillow, bag (degree° by season)

☐ Eating Kit: bowl/plate, cup, utensil(s)

☐ Cleanup kit: soap, deodorant bar, comb, camp towel(s), Chapstick, razor,
Tooth brush, paste & floss


☐ Insect repellent

☐ Camp Chair

☐ Camera

☐ Watch

☐ Swim shorts, lined

☐ Fishing pole & gear

☐ Hammock or Bivy (only if 1st class rank or above)

☐ Clothing: Extra & Colder Weather

2nd base layer top & pants heavy wool

Wool gloves or mittens, handwarmers

Skull cap (cover ears)

Fleece jacket (light to heavy/polar per season)

☐ Meds, Benadryl, Advil, Tylenol, Claritin, Pepto

☐ Bible, testament, or prayer book per your faith

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