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Scout Dues Fundraising Opportunity

The second portion of our scout dues will be billed within the comings weeks ($190). If you recall, the first portion of the dues (the council recharter fee) has already been paid by scouts earlier this year.

To help offset any upcoming dues obligations, we are again offering sale of the Attractions Coupon Book. Books are $20 each, with a minimum of $8 for every book sold. The more books we sell as a troop, the more $$ you receive for each book. Profits are applied directly to your scout dues obligation.

For those new to our troop, here is how the program works:

Attractions Books are local coupon books, typically with BOGO offers for restaurants, fast food and activities. We have found that use of the book two or three times usually covers the initial $20 cost of the book. Scouts pre-order the amount of books they will like to sell. They can sell to family, friends, neighbors, etc. After about a month’s time, money is handed in for books sold, and unsold books can be turned in as well. You make the profits for your salesmanship, meaning, if you sell 10 books and receive $8 each, that’s $80 applied to your dues obligation. You work directly for yourself, as this is an individual fundraiser you do not split the profit of all books sold as a troop.

We highly encourage all scouts to try and sell at least 5 books, however this is an optional opportunity. We will be pre-ordering books only. If you want to participate in the fundraiser, please email Cindy at and advise how many books you would like. Remember, if you do not sell all that you asked for you may return unsold books.

Please reach out to Cindy with any questions or concerns.

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