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Category: Troop News

Energy Merit Badge Opportunity – Virtual Learning

Duke Energy is providing an opportunity to earn the Energy Merit Badge virtually!  Below please find information and a sign up link. This is a “self-serve” opportunity, meaning one that you do on your own and not in conjunction with the troop.  If you are interested please use the sign up link at the bottom, and also notify two leaders that you plan to obtain the badge.

HA Meeting Tonight

Those interested in a camp chair chat regarding a proposed High Adventure trip to Yellowstone meet tonight in front of Hammill Hall at 7 p.m.

Parents are encouraged to attend with their scout – we would like to hear from scouts as to what they would like to do at Yellowstone!

Bring a chair to sit on!



High Adventure Trip Info Meeting Tomorrow

You might have seen today’s troop calendar update stating a video conference for the high adventure trip.  Those plans have changed and we are not meeting by video rather we will meet in person tomorrow, Monday June 1st at 7 p.m. in front of Hamill Hall.  Please bring a camp chair and we will socially distance at our meeting.

All those interested should plan on attending with a parent or guardian.


2021 High Adventure Trip Meeting – Yellowstone National Park

For those interested in the summer 2021 High Adventure trip to Yellowstone Tetons  – Jackson Hole, Wyoming there will be a planning meeting on Monday June 1st at 7 p.m.  Since we will be meeting outside, please bring a camp chair and meet in front of Hammill Hall.  Scouts AND parents are encouraged to attend the meeting to find out information about this exciting trip.  Parents are allowed to attend the trip as well with their child, however must complete proper youth protection training prior to doing so.

Since there are age requirements for attending a high adventure trip, below is a list of those scouts who are currently eligible to attend, or can attend with anticipated rank advancement:

















Rank Advancement and Merit Badges while on hiatus

Rank Advancement:

502 Scouts are earning ranks!  All you have to do is to learn a skill or
complete a requirement, ask for an online video conference and demonstrate
it.  Or you can send an email proof of completion.  Ask your ASPL or SPL for

Your ASPL or SPL can verify if you are ready for a Scoutmaster Conference
and get that scheduled for you too!

Merit Badges and Nova Awards:

Since Summer camp has been cancelled, many of you will want to find other
places to earn merit badges this summer.

Here is the official link with info about
adges> HOW to earn a Merit Badge

There are some Merit Badges currently underway at Troop 502. Contact your
ASPL or SPL for details.

<> Here are some local 2020
Merit Badge Classes and this website has
<> Upcoming Merit Badge courses in
the Apache District ALSO click link to “where to go advancing”.

IF you do an online search for “online merit badge classes 2020”, there are
opportunities in Florida, Virginia, Georgia, etc.

The Piedmont Council website is offering Online Merit Badges and Nova
Awards May 18, 2020 to May 21 and May 26, 2020 to May 29 Sign up at


Do you swim?  You can earn Swimming
‘> , LIfesaving
> , and Kayaking
>  at the Aquatics Merit Badge Days at Belk Scout Camp August 3,4,5,&6.  If
you are on a swim team, your swim coach or a lifeguard can sign you off too.

BSA Lifeguard

At one time, Troop 502 had FOUR BSA Lifeguards and we were able to do LOTS
of water trips.

If you are 15 or older, we need YOU to PLEASE get trained as a BSA
lifeguard! Here are some opportunities. Charlotte Safety Training
>  and Red
BSA Lifeguard Award

Look for Troop 502 calendar updates about PLCs, Leadership Training and
Grand Tetons High Adventure 2021 planning meetings

Matthews Alive Update

As you know, our troop has been participating with Matthews Alive, held each Labor Day weekend, as a source of fundraising for 15+ years.  Proceeds go towards scout’s dues, or in the case of next year’s proposed high adventure trip, towards trip fees.  This is to inform you that I have been advised that the Matthews Alive coordinators have made the decision to cancel the event this year due to COVID-19.

We do realize that most of us enjoy working the festival as it is a lucrative way to pay dues, so we will try to explore some other fundraising opportunities to help scouts pay their dues obligations for the coming year.

If you have any questions or fundraising suggestions, please email Cindy at

Important Summer Camp Update

We have just been informed that Camp Powhatan has made the responsible decision to close due to COVID-19 and not offer summer camp for 2020.  As you can imagine, with 800-1000 scouts and adults in camp each week, it would be a difficult task to control proper sanitary and hygiene measures in a large camp, let alone conducting medical exams for each person arriving at camp as well. We are sorry if scouts are disappointed but we are in agreement with the camp that this is the best course of action for the health and safety of all.

The troop will be applying for a full refund of fees paid.  We ask that you be patient with us while we do so. Once we receive the refund from the camp, we will issue refunds to scouts accordingly.

If you used fundraising proceeds towards camp (camp cards, Matthews Alive, etc) then that credit will go back on the books to the scout.

We hope that scouts are staying engaged and interested in scouting during our long hiatus.  Adult leadership of the troop will be meeting soon to discuss perhaps a summer event for scouts if current restrictions permit. Once a plan is in place, we will communicate that with you.

If you have any questions regarding summer camp cancellation, please contact Cindy Schnall at Thank you and stay safe.

Star and Life Rank Scout Eagle Prep Meeting

Mr. Groce, who assists our scouts with Eagle rank preparation is holding a Webex meeting this Monday, May 11th (time TBD but will be in evening) to review with scouts the process of planning, proposing and completing their Eagle scout projects.  If you are currently a Star or Life rank, and anticipate applying for Eagle rank in 2020-21, we strongly suggest you attend the meeting.

For an invitation to the meeting link, please email Mr. Fisher at










Troop Updates

Hello, we wanted to touch base regarding some important troop updates. This is a lengthy email but we thank you for your attention to all…

Scoutmaster Duties

If you were not aware, the Reeves family is moving out of state, and Daniel Fisher has been appointed by the troop committee to take over the duties of Scoutmaster. Jason and Dawn Reeves have given many, many hours of their time not only at the troop level but the pack as well. A simply thank you is not enough for the efforts you have put forth for the troop, and you will be missed.  We wish you the best life has to offer in your new home, and wish Jackson, Gray and Walker much success as they start their college years at the University of Tennessee in August. Go Vols!


Summer Camp

At the present time, summer camp is still in session. We are in contact with Camp Powhatan and will pass along any information we receive from the camp.  On a related note, all scouts going to camp must have parts A.B, and C completed on their form (dr visit required) and supply their insurance card information. We do realize most physicians are not seeing patients at this time, however please keep this in mind as a task to be completed before July.


Troop Meetings

Troop leadership has decided that for the health and safety of all troop members, all Monday night meetings will be cancelled for the duration of this scout year.  We will return to regular troop meetings in late August/early Sept (date to be decided). Again, we felt that this was the most responsible path to take given current conditions.

Crossover Trip


Our crossover trip, originally scheduled for March, will most likely occur in September.  More details to come.


Rank Advancement and Merit Badges

Although we are not meeting in person, we encourage all scouts to continue with sign off’s and other items related to rank advancement.  If you are interested in continuing your advancement while we are on hiatus, you must contact two leaders (please copy your parent as well) and ask permission to do a sign off while at home.  A simple “I did it” will not suffice for sign off credit, you must work in conjunction with leaders to get an approval on the task.


Leader and Committee Members

The troop is actively looking for volunteers to join us in any capacity come the new scout year in August.  Leaders are needed for Monday night meetings/and or camp outs, and committee members are needed for Boards of Review, merit badge counselors, etc. A succession plan for troop leadership is extremely important to continue the troop legacy. If you need more information or can help in ANY capacity, please email Daniel Fisher at for leaders or Bala Rayapalli at for committee information.

Fundraising Information

As you know, our troop tries to offer opportunities for scouts to be able to pay their dues and summer camp fee obligations.  Some of the fundraisers we have offered in the past are camp cards, first aid kit sales, Attractions book sales, Matthews Alive and Autobell gift cards, just to name a few.  All have been met with various degrees of interest.

As fundraising chairperson for our troop, I am asking for feedback regarding fundraising for the scout’s behalf.  Is there a fundraiser that you have no interest in, or is there a fundraiser that perhaps we have not done and you would like us to check out?

Fundraisers involve much time and effort in planning and execution.  While I am happy to do so, I would again like feedback so our troop committee can make sound decisions as to proceed with certain ones or not.  I would greatly appreciate thoughts or suggestions, and you can email me at

On a related note regarding Matthews Alive, I have recently been contacted by the organizers of the event.  At this point in time they are still making plans to have the Labor Day weekend event, however as the months progress we will be updated as to if the event will go on as scheduled due to status of COVID-19 restrictions.  I will keep all posted with updates regarding this as I receive them.

Thanks again for any thoughts or suggestions.

Cindy Schnall



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