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The PLC only will meet Monday June 29th at 7 p.m. in front of Hammill Hall.  Please bring a camp chair.


For this week’s PLC meeting Monday please:



  • Every meeting must have a game and an instruction sheet so the PLs know how to play it.



  • Choose a SECOND BSA Program Feature for older scouts and do four draft meeting plans for that.  Please let Joel know which one you are doing.


  • Be prepared to plan out the July 25-27 trip. Where are we going? Plan a menu.  Hiking, Camping, and what else specifically are we doing?  Fishing? Orienteering?


Jared: Cooking (include cooking from rank requirements and the Cooking MB)

Braden: Emergency Preparedness (include from Emergency Preparedness MB)

Miles: Fitness & Nutrition (include fitness from rank requirements)

Joel & Varshi: Camping, winter camping backpacking and hiking (include camping in rank requirements and camping MB) BEGINNER and ADVANCED series

Ryan: Cycling (include from Cycling MB)

Harrison: Paddle Sports OR Climbing & Rappelling

Ben: Orienteering (include navigation from rank requirements)

Januda: Games (incorporate the Game Design MB)

Jathin: Swimming (include aquatics from rank requirements)

Aidan: Pioneering (incorporate knots from rank requirements and Pioneering MB)

Gabe: Project Planning | Communication

Joseph: Outdoor Ethics | Environmental Science

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