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Fundraising Information

As you know, our troop tries to offer opportunities for scouts to be able to pay their dues and summer camp fee obligations.  Some of the fundraisers we have offered in the past are camp cards, first aid kit sales, Attractions book sales, Matthews Alive and Autobell gift cards, just to name a few.  All have been met with various degrees of interest.

As fundraising chairperson for our troop, I am asking for feedback regarding fundraising for the scout’s behalf.  Is there a fundraiser that you have no interest in, or is there a fundraiser that perhaps we have not done and you would like us to check out?

Fundraisers involve much time and effort in planning and execution.  While I am happy to do so, I would again like feedback so our troop committee can make sound decisions as to proceed with certain ones or not.  I would greatly appreciate thoughts or suggestions, and you can email me at

On a related note regarding Matthews Alive, I have recently been contacted by the organizers of the event.  At this point in time they are still making plans to have the Labor Day weekend event, however as the months progress we will be updated as to if the event will go on as scheduled due to status of COVID-19 restrictions.  I will keep all posted with updates regarding this as I receive them.

Thanks again for any thoughts or suggestions.

Cindy Schnall



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