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Pioneering Badge and Camporee Info for tomorrow (Sunday)

Mr. Fisher and Mr. Hess are doing the Pioneering MB and Camporee practice
this Sunday 3pm- 5:30pm at Harrison by the trailers.

It is VERY important to:

1.      watch the videos of the 12 Camporee Challenges at

2.      choose two camp gadgets you want to do ideas for camp gadgets are
3.      review lashings in your scout book
4.      review the Pioneering Merit Badge Book and requirements

PLEASE arrive on time.

knot scout engineering & lashings

Several other adult leaders and scouts will be cleaning and organizing the
trailers during the same time.

Scouts in positions of leadership (SPL, ASPL, Quartermaster,
Scribe-Historian, Patrol leader) are strongly encouraged to attend one of
these activities.

If you have questions, please email Mr. Fisher
<>  or call/text 704-617-3544.

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