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Cooking Merit Badge

Any scout who is going on the Camporee who wants to complete requirement #6 of the Cooking Merit Badge should bring complete written plans and lists to the Monday 10/21/19 meeting to discuss with a Cooking Merit Badge counselor. is an excellent resource to obtain free downloads for all merit badge workbooks.  We have also outlined below the details for requirement 6 for the Cooking merit badge.  This is an Eagle required badge, so all please take all opportunities to complete requirements when offered.

Plans and lists should be for THREE people (the scout and two buddies), and include ALL ITEMS: menu plan, utensil list, shopping list, food amount, meal cost, repackaging plan, seven leave no trace principles and cleaning plan.


#6 Trail and backpacking meals.

Do the following:

a. Using the USDA My Plate (the current USDA nutrition model), plan a menu for trail hiking or backpacking that includes one breakfast, one lunch, one dinner, and one snack. These meals must not require refrigeration and are to be consumed by three to five people (including you). Be sure to keep in mind any special needs (such as food allergies) and how you will keep your foods safe and free from cross-contamination. List the equipment and utensils needed to prepare and serve these meals.

b. Create a shopping list for your meals, showing the amount of food needed to prepare and serve each meal, and the cost for each meal.

c. Share and discuss your meal plan and shopping list with your counselor. Your plan must include how to repackage foods for your hike or backpacking trip to eliminate as much bulk, weight, and garbage as possible.

d. While on a trail hike or backpacking trip, prepare and serve two meals and a snack from the menu planned for this requirement. At least one of those meals must be cooked over a fire, or an approved trail stove (with proper supervision).

e. After each meal, have those you served evaluate the meal on presentation and taste, then evaluate your own meal. Discuss what you learned with your counselor, including any adjustments that could have improved or enhanced your meals. Tell how planning and preparation help ensure successful trail hiking or backpacking meals.

f. Discuss how you followed the Outdoor Code and SEVEN no-trace principles during your outing. Explain to your counselor how you cleaned any equipment, utensils, and the cooking site after each meal. Explain how you properly disposed of any dishwater and packed out all garbage.




These sites have some good ideas, but suggest mostly prepackaged food which is expensive and generates trash waste. Is this THRIFTY or good for LEAVE NO TRACE?  has suggestions for repackaging food. The gourmet pizza recipe looks interesting.  has a good approach to planning. and other sites like this are primarily a sales generator via amazon. Maybe OK for reference, but we need to see more than just boil water and pour in a bag type of “cooking”.





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