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Virginia Creeper Trip Information

Virginia Creeper Trail (Damascus, Va) – Approx. 17 miles of old railroad bed on gravel paved and soil surface (1% average downhill grade)

Camping will be at Twin Rivers Campground, Crumpler, NC (Friday night through Sunday morning).

Please arrive at the church by 5:15 pm Friday for departure at 5:30 pm. Please wear Class A uniform for traveling and bring $30 for patrol food and bike rental fee (if you have already paid online please disregard) You will also need money for dinner on the way there and lunch on the return trip (suggest at least $20 for these two meals).

Return on Sunday is approximately 2 pm – parents will be called before they arrive at the church

In case of emergency only, following please find leader contact info:  

Jason Reeves 704-609-0848

Dan Fisher 704-704-617-3544

Lukas Hess 717-377-3288

John Schneider 404-953-2474

Cell phones – May be used on way to campsite and back home, and please bring ear buds for courtesy of others in the car. CELL PHONES MAY NOT BE USED DURING THE ACTIVITIES OR AT THE CAMPSITE! Any scout found using his cell phone other than in the car will result in confiscation of the phone during the remainder of the weekend, as well as a loss of cell phone privileges for future trips.  Our goal is to try to encourage the scouts to “decompress” from technology and enjoy the weekend tech free. 

Gear list:

Backpack or duffel bag for belongings
Day backpack (carry lunch and water bottle)
Class B Shirt (wear on bike trip)
Rain Gear
Shoes/Sneakers (2 pairs)
Personal First Aid Kit
Sleeping bag, ground pad, pillow
Mess kit – Plate, cup, spoon, fork
Nalgene bottles (2)
Personal tent (1st Class and above) other ranked scouts pair up with buddy in troop tents
Adult leaders will bunk in personal tents
Fishing pole and tackle optional (we will camping next to a river)

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