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Troop Reminders

A few reminders for tonight:

  • Only Class B shirt required to be worn tonight. Scouts may wear shorts or pants of their choosing. No sandals or other open toed shoes.


  • Our troop meeting tonight will end at 8:15.  At that time, we ask that PARENTS of scouts attending the trip this coming weekend meet upstairs for a brief meeting.  Scouts not attending the trip may leave at 8:15 


  • The following scouts are signed up for the Virginia Creeper trip:
Jathin Banala
Miles Derrick
Raphael Richardeau
Christian Losh
Januda Siriwardena
Yasindu Siriwardena
Hudson Mahland
Harrison Sampson
Austin Estes
Braeden Hinckley
Ryan Powers
Jackson Reeves
Grey Reeves
Walker Reeves
John Schneider


$30 for patrol food and bicycle rental fees are due tonight. Due to late notice of fees due, scouts may be Friday as well, if needed.  


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