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Campout this weekend

Details for the camp out this weekend can be found on the calendar by clicking on the date. This information includes times of departure and things needed for the weekend. At current time, the Troop is still planning on leaving tomorrow night as scheduled. We will be returning on Sunday as scheduled too. If you were in charge of buying the food for your Patrol this weekend, please don’t forget it. Please come prepared for the weather, it will be raining when we leave tomorrow night and that means setting up in the rain as well. Bring your rain gear to stay dry. Remember if you are not First Class and above, you will need to pitch a Troop tent for all camp outs. Personal tents and hammock systems can be used by Adults and Scouts that are First Class or higher ranks only. No exceptions to this rule.


Friday, 1/23 – Sunday, 1/25


Camp Belk – Midland NC


Skills Weekend / Advancement Work / Possible Tower Activities

Plan of Action:

Friday, 1/23

  • Troop will meet at 6:00pm and will be departing Harrison UMC at 6:30pm
  • Class “A” Uniform
  • Please eat before arriving we will not be stopping on the way out to camp
  • Arrive at camp between 7:15 – 7:30pm – Set-up camp

Saturday, 1/24

  • Advancement Rooms will be working on the following requirements
    • Tenderfoot – #1, #2, #3, #4, and #10A/B
    • 2nd Class – #1B, #2, #3A-G, and #6
    • 1st Class – #1, #4A-D, and #10

Sunday, 1/24

  • Troop will have breakfast in camp on Sunday morning and continue skills
  • Troop will depart camp at 11am and arrive back at Harrison around Noon.
  • Please have someone there to retrieve your Scout as soon as they are released from the SPL, not before.

Parents Meeting TONIGHT 1/12/15 – 7:30pm

The Troop will be having a Parents meeting TONIGHT (Monday 1/12/15) at 7:30 PM.  The meeting will be held in the large room on second floor of the 100 Building.  This is the normal meeting place for the Troop. We are requesting at least (1) parent or guardian from every Scout that is registered with Troop 502 to be in attendance tonight.
Scout Master Joe Lane and Treasurer Dawn Reeves will be discussing Summer Camp, dates, needs, finances, etc.  Sign up and deposits for Camp will be required soon.  These details will be discussed at the Parents meeting.
Also please make sure you go to and sign up for Troop updates.


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